Family Photos…Tips from A Yummy Life Photography

Family Photos…Tips from A Yummy Life Photography

It’s that time of year again…when I’m realizing that Chistmas will be here sooner than I think, which means I need to get my Christmas cards ready, which means I need to get my FAMILY PHOTOS DONE!  …ugh, I have a headache just thinking about it.

Family photos can be a nightmare, well, at least for me. Hunting down perfectly coordinating but not completely matching outfits, hoping the weather is in my favor, praying my kids (and Husband) will actually look at, let alone smile at the photographer…sound familiar?
I asked one of my favorite Photographers, Jodi Palmer from A Yummy Life Photography, to share her tips on how to make Family photo sessions not so… nightmarish.  Here’s what she had to share…

“These tips are coming from the behind the camera so that you’ll feel more at ease in front of the camera.”

Family Photo Tips from Jodi Palmer

When you think of  a family photo session what comes to mind? Kids not behaving well, crying (from the children, you and possibly the husband), clothing,  weather,  oh and did I mention stress? Rachel asked that I share a few helpful tips when preparing for their fall photo sessions.

tip1 Family Photos...Tips from A Yummy Life Photography
Tip #1 Smile
Don’t worry about the children. If you’re in a posed position the photographer and/or their assistant will help in directing the children’s attention towards the camera. I have taken a few photos where the kids look absolutely stunning and the parents are the ones whose heads are turned and are in mid sentence telling their kids to look at the camera. On the opposite end try to be in the moment with your family. You don’t want to be the only one standing there not laughing when everyone else is. The photographer will direct your family so go with the direction they’re giving you and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

tip 2 1 Family Photos...Tips from A Yummy Life Photography
Tip #2 Go with it
Sometimes things don’t go according to plans and that’s ok because you’ve hired a professional. Photographers are use to throwing out bad ides and coming up with new ones.  I once had a 2 year-old who lost it during their family photo session. Whenever she started to cry the rest of the family would cry with her and the photos ended up being some of my most favorite photos. If it rains 15 minutes into your session, grab some umbrellas and jump in the puddles with your kids. Try to be present in the moment and to not worry about anything else.

tip 3 3 Family Photos...Tips from A Yummy Life Photography


Tip #3 Stylize your shoot
There is no right or wrong way to stylize a shoot.  The only recommendation I have is to select a photographer whose style you admire most. I like to shoot subjects that inspire me so the styling advice I would give to you would be based upon how I want you to look.  If you’re style clashes with the photographer’s portfolio then find someone who is a better fit for your family. You don’t want to be wearing something that you’re not comfortable in especially when it’s going to be documented. For my clients, I recommend jeans because I want my clients to feel comfortable and to not be so stiff in front of the camera. I also like my clients to cozy up and be in each other’s personal space. For kids, I love to see them in colors, patterns, layers and hats because it helps to add dimension to the photos.

tip 3 Family Photos...Tips from A Yummy Life Photography


Tip #4 -Timing

A photo shoot can actually be really tiring for children. Talk to you photographer and find out how long they plan on shooting. With children I say no more than 45 minutes.

Ahhhh…(sigh of relief), I think I can do this…and if I can get over the anxiety of family photos this fall…so can YOU! And when I see her great pictures I know I NEED to do this, or I’ll be kicking myself all winter long when those Christmas cards start rolling in! Thank you Jodi!!!

To see more of Jodi’s fabulous work, Check out her website here , show her some Facebook love here,and get inspired by following her blog here!

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